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Island Packet Model Information

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Note: All Island Packet models are subject to specification changes (dimensions, capacities, ratings, equipment, etc.) during their production life. The specifications given here are representative and should be used for general comparison only.

General Information For The IP465
Island Packet 465
The 465 offers exceptional livability and practical cruising features coupled with impeccable craftsmanship and handsome good looks. The large center cockpit provides more than just a comfortable place for your crew to congregate. It provides a safe working area from which you can perform all the necessary adjustments underway. Wide side decks, strategically placed hand rails and recessed foredecks maximize your safety on deck. As beautiful as the 465 is to behold, it?s even more appealing below decks. The expansive main saloon boasts more than seven feet of headroom, a well-appointed combination of hand crafted teak furnishings, cabinetry and storage, a nav station that would excite any world cruiser, a gourmet galley fit for a master chef and two of the most spacious staterooms you?ll find anywhere.

- from the factory brochure    

Documentation For The IP465
Brochure Spec & Price List Interior Plan

Specifications For The IP465
First Built - -   LOA 48'-9''   Sail Area 1122
Last Built - -   LOD - -   Sail I 57'-2''
Number Built - -   LWL 38'-1''   Sail J 17'-4''
Displacement 34500   Beam 14'-4''   Sail P 48'-1''
Ballast 12000   Draft 5'   Sail E 17'-0''
Fuel Cap 160 US gal   Shoal Draft - -   D/L Ratio 279
Water Cap 260 US gal   Mast Height 62'   SA/D Ratio 16.9
Holding Cap 55 US gal   Diesel HP 75   B/D Ratio 35%
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Running Rigging For The IP465
Mainsail Rigging   Staysail Rigging   Other Rigging
Halyard 1/2''x120' Buccaneer Tech 2   Halyard 3/8''x80'   Jib Halyard 1/2''x120' Buccaneer Tech 2
Sheet 1/2''x120'   Sheet 7/16''x60   Jib Sheet 5/8''x160'
Topping Tail 3/8''x45'   Clew - -   Boom Vang - -
Topping Wire 3/16''x45' 7x7 wire   Topping Lift - -   Reefing Lines - -
            Traveler Control 3/8''x30'
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Standing Rigging For The IP465
  Wire Size Loos Gauge Scale Reading
Below 50 F
Scale Reading
50 F to 80 F
Scale Reading
Above 80 F
Upper Stays - - - - - - - - - -
Intermediate Stays - - - - - - - - - -
Aft Lower Stays - - - - - - - - - -
Fwd Lower Stays - - - - - - - - - -
Check Stays - - - - - - - - - -
Back Stays - - - - - - - - - -
IMPORTANT : These are MAXIMUM (not to exceed) rigging tensions as measured using the indicated Loos gauges

Check tensions after initial setup of the rigging and after any subsequent adjustments.

Gauge readings may vary from stay to stay of the same type but none should exceed the maximum scale readings listed.

Please visit the Loos website for more information about the PT-2 and PT-3 gauges.

If you are not familiar with the process for tuning your rig please contact a qualified rigger in your area.

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