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Welcome to IP Home Port - The Original Website For Island Packet Yacht Owners And Enthusiasts
IP Home Port is a volunteer-operated and commercial-free website that has served Island Packet Yacht owners (and wannabes) around the world since 1998. This website is all about knowledge delivery - our goal, simply stated, is to deliver the information that you need to optimize your Island Packet ownership experience.

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The IP Home Port website offers these resources to registered users :

Discussion Forum : This discussion forum uses the latest available message board technology to give members a variety of options for asking questions, posting classified ads, searching the archives, monitoring forum traffic, and sharing information about Island Packet ownership. Major features include :

    ::  A powerful full-text search tool
    ::  A full WYSIWYG editor with spell-checking
    ::  User-selectable daily digests or real-time notifications
    ::  Watched topic and watched forum capability
    ::  Private Messaging
    ::  On-line polling
    ::  Personalized avatars
    ::  Single Sign-On integration with the rest of IP Home Port

The IP Home Port forum has a flexible category structure designed to help organize the wide variety of knowledge that has accumulated since the forum first went on-line. Approximately 35,000 posts are accessible on-line at any time via navigation of the category structure or full text search.

Owner Registry : This is a searchable, custom-coded database of around 1300 Island Packet owners from all around the world and is arguably one of the best tools of its kind in the marine industry.

Photo Gallery : This is a fully-integrated, searchable collection of member-posted photographs depicting all aspects of IP ownership - the boats, the people, the places, and even the pets!

IP Model Info : This comprehensive collection of 26 pages contains specifications and downloadable documentation for all Island Packet legacy models.

IP Comparisons : This series of tables contains specifications for all Island Packet models along with links to the individual model info pages for even more details.

RSS Portal : This easy-to-use tool lets IP Home Port members check out the most recently published items on IP owner blogs as well as the RSS feeds from selected sailing-oriented magazines and news sources.

Useful Links : This page contains a large collection of sailing-oriented website addresses and, in one form or another, has been in use since IP Home Port first launched in 1998.

File Downloads : If you're looking for reference information about your Island Packet then this resource page is a great place to start your search!

Calendar: The Calendar shows upcoming events such as boat shows, Island Packet owner Rendezvous, and even forum member birthdays. Any registered user can post IP-related events here.

Member Directory / Map : This directory of IP Home Port forum members allows you to search by user name or location and, for US members, includes a hot-linked map of members organized by state.

User registration and login will be required to gain access to these resources as of August 1, 2011. Registration is subject to the site's Terms Of Use but otherwise is open and free to all regardless of IP ownership.

    ::  If you DO NOT have a user account on IP Home Port and would like one please click here.

    ::  If you DO have a user account on IP Home Port but don't remember your user name or password, please click here.

IP Home Port is now on its fourth major iteration since the original launch in 1998. There's always a development project of some sort underway, so be sure and check back often to find out what's new!

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