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New HIN Decoder Tool
 Moderated by: Stuart W, Grainne
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 Posted: 09-19-2012 09:29 pm
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Stuart W

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There is a new tool available here on IP Home Port - a HIN (Hull Identification Number) Decoder.  We seem to go through spells where lots of folks have questions about what their HIN means (I know that the factory reports about 1 request per week!) so I figured that it was time to do some custom coding.

Using the new tool is easy as 1-2-3 :

1) Select "HIN Decoder" on the main menu (upper left corner of each page)
2) Enter your 12 digit HIN, found on the starboard side of your transom
3) Click on the GO button

If you've entered a valid HIN the results screen will display the model name, serial number, model year and hull layup date of the boat along with some general information and related links.

Note that this tool is just for Island Packets, i.e. boats that have HINs starting with 'TDL'.  The tool could theoretically be extended to handle the literally hundreds of other participating manufacturers with MIC's (Manufacturer Identification Codes) but that wasn't really the objective.

Also note that given all of the different IP models introduced over the years this coding was not a trivial exercise, so please bear with me if you find any errors.  Just send the details (preferably a screen shot of the results) via e-mail to webmaster@iphomeport.com so that I can figure out what's going on.


Stuart Williams
Webmaster, IP Home Port
The Official Website For Island Packet Yacht Owners Since 1998

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You are here : IP Home Port > Administrivia > Announcements > New HIN Decoder Tool

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